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1 hour ago
Nana podzi reviewed Pantai Hospital Ampang

"Really helpful staff here.. Keep up the good work guys"

3 hours ago
16 hours ago
Eugenius reviewed Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

"Around May 2018, I brought my father to seek treatment at Professor George Lee Eng Geap's clinic at the Gleneagle Kuala Lumpur hospital. At that time my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and bone cancer. Thanks to God's intervention and the cold hand of Professor George (for Urology) and Doctor Rachel (for Orthopedics), my father has been able to recover from his cancer since 2017. And Miss Hazima Zabri #international patient services (Indonesia market) really helped us arrange the pick-up from the airport to hotel or apartment and hospital. The two Gleneagle drivers namely Pak Murad and Pak Selvam were very friendly and polite to us. I will always choose Gleneagle Kuala Lumpur as our place of treatment. Thank you Professor George, Doctor Rachel, Miss Hazima Zabri, Mr. Murad, and Mr. Selvam. Always success for Gleneagle Kuala Lumpur."

22 hours ago
Mohamad Afiq reviewed Temenggong Seri Maharaja Tun Ibrahim Kulai Hospital

"😡 Staff lelaki (Chubby lembut) yang jaga bahagian kaunter pendaftaran . Tolong jaga petuturan anda dan tolong hormat orang lain . Kalau kami x sakit kami takkan pergi hospital suka suka . "

1 day ago
Cecilia Eng reviewed Hospital Kuala Lumpur

"Kudos to the medical team of Klinik Bedah Mulut & Maksilofasial, Jabatan Bedah Mulut. You guys are highly respected and set a good example for others to follow. Just want to write a note to thank every frontliners that have taken care of me during my admission from 4Jan-7Jan2021 (ward11-33 4Jan, ward11-09 5-7Jan).  I was very anxious about my surgery and the services provided by HKL as this is my first time admitted to a government hospital. Soon, I have put all my doubts aside. I have never experienced such a warm, professional and caring medical team. Shine through HKL... I would like to take this opportunity to publicly recognize and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following frontliners from Klinik Bedah Mulut & Maksilofasial, Jabatan Bedah Mulut, Klinik Anestetik and Ward 11.... Dr Ng Kuan Keen ~ You are Awesome!!! (He did 2 biopsy to my tongue) You are very kind and caring. Your comforting words and valuable advice sometimes is more powerful than medicine. Dr Hanim, Dr Yew and Dr Nazri ~ the competency of you and your team was awe-inspiring. I was blessed to place myself in your capable hands. Dr Ng Kuan Keen and the friendly nurse at front desk of the clinic ~ thank you for scheduling the operation with seamless effort. Was impressed by your decision and immediate action. Much appreciated. Dr Ng Kuan Keen and Doctor Gan Joe Yin ~ wanna thank you for your quick actions, cares and kindness rendered to me during my admission. Gratitude!! The anesthetist was excellent as well. They took their time to explain the procedures and reasons for medication as well as pre and post operation expectations in details. The nurses at ward 11 were attentive and very kind. Much to my pleasant surprise, whatever that I required which were within reason were fulfilled fairly quickly especially my special diet after the operation. Million thanks... The cleaning staff is always on time and efficient. The food itself is good too though I can only have nourishing liquid and blended diet only after my operation. Thank you once again sincerely from the bottom of my heart to the greatest frontliners. May you be blessed with good health and stay safe during MCO 2.0 Well done! Please keep up the good work. Kita jaga kita. With heartfelt gratitude, Cecilia Eng Shih Szu"

3 days ago
Kash K reviewed Columbia Asia Hospital - Setapak

"The Front Office staff and very slow in response and not friendly at all. When you arrive at Reception for information or registration, no smile and politeness, they MUST GET TRAINING to deal with customers. Secondly at check out time, they take long time to process your case, patients and visitors have to wait long time, when asked, they always say one word "WAIT", no explanation is given at all. Most of the time only one person handling all checkouts. THE MANAGEMENT MUST CONSIDER THIS AND GIVE RELEVENT ABD PROPER TRAINING ALL YOUR FRONT OFFICE STAFF to cater patients and visitors professionally. I have no choice to visit because of Doctors only, otherwise I will be more reluctant to visit your hospital due to front office staff.  But I must say that Doctors and nurses are efficient to response, they cater the patient ASAP"

4 days ago
JE reviewed Tiew Dental Setapak

"Unprofessional services and provide wrong consultation. Never going back again."

4 days ago
ain chan reviewed IHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur

"Fast response and good service."

5 days ago
Natalie Cheong reviewed IHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur

"Did not receive the results through email even I have reconfirmed the email address and have to WhatsApp them. I did 2 times as the first result shown 'inconclusive' and informed that someone from the Lab would call but still not receive any call as well. The flow of the test was not well organized and it should be improved. We understand all of you in the frontline are working hard, tense, and tired in this pandemic time but the management has to look into all these.  "