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2 days ago
YIM KAH YIAN reviewed Pantai Hospital Ampang

"I am very disappointed with the service of the hospital as I was being informed that my admission time is at 8 pm on the 4th of Dec 2019 (wed).  I was there on time to admit myself, however, I was left unattended at the registration site for 1 hour and 15 mins.  I was only being told to just wait as the staff is cleaning up the room.  But the thing is if I was being given an appointment to admit on the 4th of Dec 2019 at 8 pm, why do I have to wait for such a long time??? Besides, the hospital staff called me twice before the admission date to reconfirm the time and date!  No good explanation was given after all.  After I was being sent up to the room by the medical assistant, no staff nurse came to attend me or telling me if I should change or if they will set the IV line tonight or tomorrow.  Only when my fiance went all the way to the ward counter to ask, the staff nurse then informs that everything will be done tomorrow morning.   On top of that, after the operation was done, of course, I was looking forward to going home.  The doctor in charge was kind enough to look for me personally at the physiotherapy gym room to review me and inform me that he has done with all the discharge summary at 1 pm on the 7th of Dec (Saturday).  With much disappointment, I was only able to go home at 6.45 pm!!! Please, what kind of discharge need 5 hours and 45mins from the admin side?  I kept asking since 4.30 pm.  All I was being told was it is in progress.  When I finally went up to as what is the freaking problem at 6 pm, the staff nurse then told me that there is an internal problem with the hospital system which makes the summary of the total charges couldn't be generated.  Hence, keeping me for so long without even having the courtesy to inform me that.   I then inform that I really have to go since I have a dinner appointment (my grandma's 94th birthday dinner).  The admin side then told me to pay Rm3, 000 as a deposit if I want to be discharged immediately.  But come on, why must bear the responsibility for your hospital's internal problem???!! After all, I am being covered by GL (AIA insurance).  It is such a mess....!!!"

1 week ago
ah Tern reviewed Shen Wah Auto Services Sdn. Bhd.

"Worst experience I’ve in my life 2weeks repairing time until forever Not honest agent, hide information to us"

1 week ago
Chuan Chai Huat reviewed University Malaya Specialist Centre - UMSC

"Thank you very much to Prof Dr. Kwan, Prof Dr. Chris & the team. The Scoliosis operation for my son was a great successful. My son recovered very well after the operation."

1 week ago
Jay Xin Ong reviewed KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital JB

"The nurses here are very impolite. When the patient needs the helps from the nurse, they even ignore us. 😊"

1 week ago
KH Lee reviewed Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara (formerly Tropicana Medical Centrel)

"Service is a joke here because it Don exist"

2 weeks ago
azlina udzir reviewed KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital

"Very good hospitality...staff  friendly and courtesy..always offer help..highly recommended👍👍"

2 weeks ago
Debbie Pozzobon reviewed Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara (formerly Tropicana Medical Centrel)

"Really poor.  I went to emergency due to extreme lower back pain. I have been to this hospital several times. Once directly after CABG.  My records are on file. The doctor prescribed Celebrex which is contra indicated in CABG patients with impaired myocardial function. "

3 weeks ago
Tan Wen Chin reviewed Hin Yap Motor Services Sdn. Bhd.

"When my car accident and send to them repair , they fully claim my car insurance but repair my car like shit , absorber spoil never repair , tyre and rim spoil also no replaced it ... But claim insurance they claim all ... "

3 weeks ago
Emmanuel Albert reviewed Tokio Marine Insurance

"So damn slow. "

3 weeks ago
Hatta Imann reviewed Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad

"Sticker roadtax lmbat sampai..ddh buat pembayaran pon xsampai2 lgi...nk guna kereta pon xboleh..tersadai ja"